Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creating a Sense of the Greater Community

This past week brought a new dimension to our project:  let the interviews begin!!  Our group did three interviews over the course of the week, and each one revealed a very different perspective on community.  One interviewee had almost no involvment with neighbors or community-wide activities.  The next was extremely active in her immediate vicinity, but less involved with the larger Thurston Woods area.  The last interview revealed a high level of involvment and usage of neighborhood places such as Havenwood Park.  Over all three interviews, however, there existed a desire for more interaction withe the larger neighborhood, whether it be the start of a new Block Association or simply getting out and meeting people.  Luckily, I feel that this is one of the ultimate outcomes of our project.  By highlighting the theme of community, we may be able to create an awareness of the larger Thurston Woods area.  Other themes we've come across, such as concerns over safety as well as the future of the neighborhood, may be addressed or even solved by a larger, united community.