Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Geoff Grohowski: Summary of Week One

Week one of the Thurston Woods project stood out especially for the opportunity to learn how a professional might approach and record a property being considered in a historical context.   Methods provided for measuring and drawing accurately and efficiently in the field will certainly prove useful in the future for myself.  Techniques such as were presented would be difficult to obtain elsewhere.  The importance of observing small details and their relevance to the whole structure and the broader context was brought across clearly.

Getting out in the neighborhood and seeing the scope and range of housing made it possible to begin to conceive of the progressive development of the area.   This will further suggest approaches and a basis for future discussions and interviews leading to oral histories to come.  It was stressed that the material infrastructure will provide clues and grounding for the interviews and that this context will stimulate the most useful links to memory.  Should we be successful we will in the end have a portrait of a neighborhood.