Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kelly Noack: Week One Reflections
I was involved with the mix of teams that measured and investigated Janet’s house on Monday and Tuesday, and one thing I noted was her interest in our activities.  It got me thinking about the expectations of the homeowners for this project.  Janet had specific questions about her house, such as the seemingly empty jut-out in the front corner of her living room.  What’s in there, she wanted to know, or is it merely dead space?  She’s extremely interested in what we can learn about the second-floor addition that, to her knowledge, was done without licensing or documentation.  Encouraging and, as best we can, satisfying the curiosity of our homeowners would be a good way to curry favor for this project and interest for the next.  A homeowner that enjoyed this process is more likely to recommend participation to others, and vice versa.  I think time should be spent in the library and/or archives.  In addition to answering questions from our homeowners, this could also validate some of our speculations and add to our house histories.