Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lessons from Week One

From Abida Bibi

BLC Field School first week was exciting, full of discoveries. Field School introduced me to architecture and to look at everyday space from a new aspect. I learned to observe everyday things like buildings, trees, streets and the arrangement of objects with great details. I am an individual who always pay attention to the beauty of nature but for the first time I started looking at building with such attention to find patterns in buildings and homes, something unusual that does not fit with the rest of the building and ask myself the how and why questions about buildings. Most importantly I learned to connect people's lives with homes. Connecting people with homes is an obvious idea but understanding how homes are part of our life is deep. Our homes itself is a story of our lives. Our homes say a lot about us, from how we use our space into how we live our lives and how our personal space (home) connects to the larger context such as the neighborhood, street, city etc. Our homes also give us the opportunity to glance at the lives of individuals and families who once lived in our homes, in a way our homes connect us to those families. After attending a full week of BLC, I now find myself in early mornings wondering in my house looking for details and patterns and much more...