Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scale Field Drawings

I was very surprised at how much our small group could get done in one week.

We measured to recorded six homes in more or less four days.  My background in architecture came in handy when documenting the homes through drawings, still I feel like I was able to better hone my skills through the drawing techniques that Jeff Klee introduced to us. 

In the past I never did a scaled measured drawing in the field.  I was fortunate enough to draw George’s house, a single story, pre-fab home.  Most of the measurements were nice round numbers and the walls were nice and straight.  All these factors made my job easier.  

However, the challenge of drawing to scale in the field took a little time to master.  String line measurements were difficult to control initially, but in the end they kept the numbers clean and organized. 

As an architecture student I sometimes take for granted the computer drafting programs we so frequently use.  Drawing in AutoCAD you have 100% accuracy for each line you draw.  But when I was drawing in the field I was lucky if I was accurate to a quarter inch. 

I enjoyed the field drawings more than I expected.  I am interested to see what new skills I will learn as we start interviewing in the coming week.