Thursday, July 5, 2012

Development as a way to deal with nostalgia.

Imagine your childhood home. Though possibly basic as far as its architecture, our childhood homes contain an array of memories of a much simpler time in our lives. What if the place we once called home was in a state of decay--forgotten by developers? during our neighborhood walk, Haak guided me to the very first place he and his family lived in when they came to Thurston Woods in 1992. As seen in the pictures below, the building is in derelict condition. As a person who must criss-cross the neighborhood several times for work, Haak must see this building on a daily basis; unable to do anything to change the state of the building. Though attached to the building itself, Haak would much rather see it being turned into a YMCA or some sort of building which could give kids a safe place to go to when they wanna to get away. As a member of the community, Haak show us a way to deal with nostalgia by giving the community a piece of architecture it could truly benefit from. Factually, many of Thurston Woods' kids must now be bused to schools closer to the core of Milwaukee. Giving the kids a space in which they could study, exercise and socialize would give the kids the after school experience they deserve in their own community.