Monday, July 9, 2012

Neighborhood Histories

NEIGHBORHOOD HISTORIES  is an effort to link research and history with a greater community.  Often we see history as static information disassociated with our everyday lives.  Museums, historic sites, and markers are much needed ways of disseminating information to the public but often their content overlooks the relationship between history and our modern lives.  When we explore those places that we live in we discover a wealth of information about ourselves; past, present, and future.  The methods we use to examine the built environment come from various sources and therefore, cross a number of disciplines.  Neighborhood histories influence not only the way we look at our environment but the way we communicate with each other.  This communication is vital if we want to find ways to maintain and protect our cultural- heritage.  The example of Thurston Woods offers a framework for other neighborhoods to explore their physical environment.  Juxtaposing interactive digital media with our physical place allows scholarship to be embedded into our neighborhoods, producing news ways of seeing and engaging the world.  

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