Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pizza Barbeque

Little kids kicking a ball around, beautiful weather, and great food.  While some people may not consider pizza part of a barbeque, it made for a great day to get to know some new people in Thurston Woods. 

We were fortunate enough to find a shady area on the north side of the Agape center to set up food and drinks for our “Barbeque” on the 30th.  Sitting in the shade we were able to enjoy the breeze and share some food while talking about the history of the community.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere, more like a party than schoolwork. 

There was a slow turn out at first, but it was nice to see some new faces as well as some familiar ones.  Jean Dublin showed up with her sister and niece.  My group had interviewed Jean and measured her house for our project.  I had heard so many wonderful stories about her family, and it was nice to finally put a face to the name.   Jean and hey twin sister came wearing matching dresses, with the exception of a little rickrack along the neckline of one of the dresses. 

It did not take long for Jean to get into story telling mode.  And as usual the group was captivated by her energy and wit.  As children ran around us, Jean described how alive with activity she remembered Berryland.  While the promise of food may have drawn people to visit, many of them stayed to share their stories. 

I felt more connected to Thurston woods after our Barbeque.  During previous events I felt like a nuisance at times, bothering people that did not want to be talked to..  But this community event was a very positive experience that left me feeling hopefully about coming back.