Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thurston Woods project week in review

Synthesis, production, critique, rinse and repeat: this week, the groups have been carefully crafting the documentaries on Thurston Woods. The process is akin to the art of collage making...snipping, cutting, pasting, and rearranging followed by further synthesis, reconsideration, and a somewhat pensive, but ultimately accepted replacement of information so that the picture is faithfully rendered, beautiful, and interesting.

Yes, we have been dotting our i's and crossing our t's and as we craft the documentaries bit by bit, the Thurston Woods community reveals itself.

As we move through the production process we've been able to rely on constructive critiques which allow us to see where we may have faltered with regards to our mission: physically, spatially, socially, historically defining "community" in Thurston Woods.

We have muddied our hands, we have taken our lumps, and the mission is almost complete. Huston : we don't have a problem
Stay tuned!