Friday, June 14, 2013

The first Friday of the first week at BLC field school......AUTOCADs, META TAGGING, LECTURE & THE DANCE AT WATER TOWER

Still to work on the leftover digitization of the drawings done on the site, meta tagging and Panoramio of the site but I am really excited to share the experience of the first Friday of the first week at field school.

The lecture at Villa terrace by Jeffrey Klee was interesting.On their attempts to create Colonial Willamsburg not only as the place of privileged but also trying to interpret the life of the ordinary and exhibiting their lives too.Though the idea of restoring the whole late eighteenth cent. to early nineteenth century town and converting it to a living museum is pretty extravagant to me as an outsider. But I guess U.S.A. can afford this. I also appreciate what Jeff said, their purpose was more into educating people rather than exhibiting stuff was convincing, but still a question prevails, "Is Colonial Williamsburg  successful in educating people who visit?"

The Dance Performance at the water Tower was an icing on the cake.It was organised by the Peck School of Arts on the occasion of its 50 years celebration.Stephen Koplowitz, is a renowned choreographer whose works are site specific, who showed his work with the Water Tower. The dance was accompanied by a live choir. It was an excellent ambiance on the lake front at 9 pm with a dance performance with the water tower as a stationary prop.

The performance was not like commonplace dance performances which use the historic buildings in background, but it used the building in its choreography to tell the story of the building itself. What I understood from it was that the dance begun with the dances showing the present situation with the people and their response to the building which gradually took us to the choreographer's interpretation of the relation of the people to the building in past. Moreover the dancers reflections were projected gradually from bottom to top pier showing the life of people with the water tower and lake from present to past and bring back to present. With beautiful lighting effect it was a great attempt to make the building alive.

I found an interesting connection between this art work and the work we are doing at the field school.In both the cases we are trying to interpret the social life of the past. In our case though the architecture of buildings, culture of landscapes and oral histories and in the choreographer's case it is probably through imagination and the observation of the recent activity.