Saturday, June 29, 2013

The third week brings, SOUNDS............

The third week passed by and we have, 1) basic idea of our stories 2) skills to make our own microphones and 3) skills to make documentary, in hand.

We had two guest teachers from Dept. of Film, UWM this week.

The most important thing I realized this week was the importance of sounds in spaces.
Sounds are also one of the characteristics, which define a space. Imagine a space without sound.They can only be realized when we are aware of them.We were introduced to, 1) keynotes (sounds part of our everyday living e.g. low base hum of traffic)  and 2) Sound marks (which are embedded in keynotes e.g. a sound of a fire fighter van coming and going)

Our Beach story is about GROWTH in the name of temporary development, which has created BOUNDARIES 1) Internal i.e.within the beach  2) External i.e. the beach as a boundary separate from that of the bluff and  Historic Water Tower Neighborhood.We have captured sounds from various boundaries on the beach which we are going to portray different boundaries in our documentary.