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Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures serves students enrolled in the architecture and history of art doctoral programs at the UW Milwaukee and Madison campuses, respectively. It involves faculty members on both campuses with diverse research and teaching interests, including housing, urban and architectural history, cultural landscapes, urban and rural vernacular, and urban and architectural morphology.
For scholars examining the built environment, the object of analysis is also a work-site and an epistemological location. Central to the BLC pedagogy is a critical examination of the field, as a location, as a classroom, as well as an object of analysis. Engaging with the field thus takes on multiple forms in Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures scholarship. This website identifies two major ways Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures engage the built field. Fieldwork and research is done in the field and as a site of empirical knowledge fieldwork is a primary method used by our scholars. The critical interpretation of the field as a political site is also central to our scholarship. The field > is also a classroom and our teaching engages the field in reflexive ways. The two tabs to the right will explain how research and pedagogy of Buildings-Landscapes-Culture engage the field.

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The Milwaukee Declaration outlines the observations and suggestions offered by an advisory body of scholars who participated in the first BLC state of the field symposium in 2008.